World of Warcraft si espande

Le novita’ di Wrath of the Lich King, anche se alcune si riferiscono a rumors, mentre altre sono state confermate dalla Blizzard, sono:

# Level cap is 80 (New skills, new talents, etc)
# The expansion is designed for lvl 68 and higher players.
# The Death Knight class will be available for both alliance and horde players and it seems to work on the same mechanics as Jedi in SWG, you can create them once certain criteria are met. (First hero class of the game)
# The Death Knight will combine damage dealing and tanking.
# Siege weapons and destructible buildings will be added to PvP
# A new battleground will be available
# New profession : Inscription. (allows the player to permanently enhance their spells and abilities and to create mysterious items of power to use, trade, and sell.)
# More hero classes will be added in the future
# Leveling from 70 to 80 should took nearly the same time as 60 to 70 (probably a bit more)
# First zone will be Howling Fjord
# We should have roughly the same amount of dungeons as what we had in BC
#New continent: Northrend
e, ovviamente, nuove spell, abilita’ ed altro

(grazie a Eylwind, Lord Hastanar, Lynfiord e a tutti i membri della community Just4Fun/Gladius Dei)

Video della Blizzard sulla nuova espansione:

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