You say, ‘Pleased to meet you, dear hobbits’
You bow deeply before Flic.
You bow deeply before Floc.
Floc waves to Halundor.
Flic waves to Halundor.
You say, ‘I was looking for a friend of mine, named Napogo. Have you heard of him?’
You say, ‘Don’t rush away’
Floc says, ‘no sorry :)
You point at Flic.
You say, ‘Oh. may i ask you your names then?’
Floc says, ‘our names?’
Flic says, ‘Flic eh Floc ^^’
Floc says, ‘as you can see ^^’
You say, ‘Flic? Floc? Never heard hobbit names like that’
Floc says, ‘and now you do :)
Floc says, ‘always a first time ^^’
You say, ‘Yes, I think..but they sounds very strange to my ears’
Floc says, ‘we are famous all over the shire :)
Flic says, ‘are you looking for someone ?’
You say, ‘Yes, i was looking for an hobbit named Napogo’
You say, ‘Ever heard of him?’
Floc says, ‘sorry.. never met him’
You say, ‘Well thanks anyway. May Varda’s stars watch over your journey’
Flic says, ‘no, but i am sure if Napogo wanted to be found u will find him eventually ^^’
Floc says, ‘safe travels :)
Floc waves to Halundor.
Flic says, ‘safe travel friend’
You say, ‘Namarie’
Flic bows deeply before Halundor.

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