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12 ottobre… BOOM

Humanity needs you!

***Incoming Transmission***AFS High Command
From: General British
Re: Operation Immortality



General British, civilian name Richard Garriott, will board a Russian Soyuz spacecraft bound for the International Space Station on October 12, 2008. The event is being publicised as routine, but the truth has been withheld for fear of causing widespread panic across the globe.

AFS has discovered incontrovertible proof that a hostile alien force known as “The Bane” is planning to launch a full scale invasion of the planet Earth! In order to prevent the extinction of all humanity we have devised a project, code-named OPERATION IMMORTALITY, a digital showcase of mankind’s greatest achievements and a preservation blueprint of humanity itself. This showcase will be archived aboard the ISS to serve as a “remote backup” of humankind, should our greatest fears come to pass.

Since AFS records show that you are a past or present AFS enlistee, you are hereby invited to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime event! This is mankind’s only chance, a chance to start over, a clean slate!

To begin your journey, go to www.OperationImmortality.com where you will be invited to:

  • Vote on mankind’s greatest achievements
  • Upload your personal message for future generations
  • Try Tabula Rasa and achieve true immortality

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, a chance to secure our future! Go to www.OperationImmortality.com today.

Leave Your Mark. Save Humanity.

AFS High Command
***End Transmission***

Il buon vecchio Lord British si e’ fumato il cervello…

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