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Open Beta of The Chronicles of Spellborn!

Thursday, 20. November 2008 :: Mirage


The Closed Beta is coming to an end, and it’s time for the European Open Beta test to kick in!
Starting today, Thursday the 20th of November, you can register on the Spellborn Player-Site at https://eu-players.tcos.com for an Open Beta spot and download the game client.
The European Open Beta test of Spellborn will start on Saturday the 22nd and will end on Monday the 24th of November. This Open Beta test is only available to European Players from the following European countries:

•    Germany
•    Austria
•    Switzerland
•    France
•    The Netherlands
•    Belgium
•    Luxembourg
•    Sweden
•    Norway
•    Denmark
•    Finland

Current European Closed Beta testers of The Chronicles of Spellborn will be automatically granted access for the Open Beta test and will not need to download a new game client nor sign up for Open Beta. The Closed Beta test will officially stop today, Thursday the 20st of November at 10pm CET.  A Closed Beta Closure event will take place from 8pm CET to 10pm CET. The characters created during Closed Beta test will be wiped in preparation of the Open Beta.

The Open Beta test will start on Saturday the 22nd of November at 12pm CET and end on Monday the 24th of November at 10pm CET.  After the Open Beta, all characters will be wiped to prepare the game servers for the official launch of The Chronicles of Spellborn.

Please note that the Player-Site will be taken down tomorrow Friday the 21st of November for a hardware maintenance and upgrade in preparation of the Open Beta. This downtime is scheduled from 11:30am CET until 2:30pm CET.

See you in Open Beta, and for the lucky Closed Beta Testers, see you all tonight at 8pm CET for some “gentlemen” PvP killfest 😉 !

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