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Basta dar tempo al tempo

E i cadaveri si alzeranno dalle tombe e inizieranno a camminare.
E quale miglior cadavere, in campo MMORPG, di Ryzom?
Ma ieri mi e’ arrivata una email:



Ryzom – the long awaited return!

To keep you informed if you are not yet aware. For 9 months, our company : “Winch Gate Property Ltd” – based in Cyprus, took over Ryzom to put it back on its feet and allow you to continue to play your favorite game.

Our first action was the restoration of free online play on all our servers. This has continued for more than 8 months now.

Since then, we have applied two large patches that you have recieved for free. These patches have fixed many bugs and added many new features. You can find the content of these two patches here and here.. But we will not stop there, in the future we plan to release many patches, on a regular basis.

Concerning Events : many have already taken place on Atys, with many others ready to be launched to entertain you; thanks to our dedicated animation team. The path to the : “Power To Player” is at hand ;-).

Finally, we are in the process of reactivating our “System Subscriptions” from Monday 4th May 2009 and begin payment effectively in two weeks.
With the reopening of these paid subscriptions, we can finally get your financial aid to help fund not only the operation of our game and our teams, but also the future development to come that we have planned.

Above all, remember that starting today, you get two weeks free game time, whereafter – you get the opportunity to come and play test the latest additions to our patches.

CAUTION: In two weeks all accounts will become paying accounts, you can find the new prices at here and the terms here (As you can see, the subscription price has been heavily revised downwards, for example a single monthly subscription is now 7.95 Euro’s).

The free trial pass gives three weeks of free and unlimited gaming that does not limit levels gained during the three week period (You are no longer forced to remain on Silan). Do not hesitate to invite your friends, as the game is still free to download (and play – within trial account limits) here and a new free trial account can be created here.

Now you are on the road to Atys, a wonderous, living world awaits, let the adventures continue!

The Ryzom Team.

You are receiving this email because you have an account with our game : Ryzom.
If you no longer wish to receive Emails from us, please change your profile at the following address:

Vediamo se, dopo le cocenti delusioni di WarHammer Online e The Chronicles of Spellborn e la mezza insoddisfazione generata da Age of Conan (community non malaccio, pero’; per ora e’ il top of the list come successore di LOTRO) , Ryzom mi riserva una gradita sorpresa.
Probabilmemte il mese prossimo lo provo.

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