Peccato sia solo un esperimento

fatto per puro divertimento.
Ma se si arrivasse a rifare tutti i Monkey Island con il Cryengine sarei in prima fila a comprarli!

This video is an experiment done for fun. It demonstrates how original Monkey Island 2 backgrounds look and feel in a modern 3d game engine. The sets were built using Maya and then exported into Cryengine’s Sandbox editor.
This is a followup to my other Monkey Island 2 videos that showed how to "convert" 2d concept art into 3d scenes using camera projection techiques.


  1. uncletoma · settembre 22, 2009

    You cannot find a demo because the video it's only an "experiment done for fun".
    I hope that deeloper or LucasArts can do again all Monkey Island games (and all Lucas's fantastic graphic adventures) with a graphic rewamp.
    They are all times great games.

  2. utente anonimo · settembre 22, 2009

    Wow amazing Video. I didnt know that Monkey Island 2 have such good graphic. Where can i get a demo ?

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