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Eden Eternal Patch Notes (8/09/11)

New Additions

  • The level cap has been increased to Level 55!

    With the new level cap comes a flood of new content!

  • The Warlock class has been unlocked!

    The Magic DPS class tree has been completed with the addition of the darkness wielding, powerhouse spellcaster! With a character level of 55 along with a level 50 Magician and Shaman will allow you tap into the power of the dark arts! For more information please refer to the Warlock Preview post here!

  • Four new areas have been unlocked!

    Explore and extend your Eternal Guardian adventures in Delphi Forest and Blackflame Peak on the Central Continent and Sunset Desert and Skyreach Jungle on the Southwestern Contitnent!

  • Four new 3-player dungeons have been added!

    Be prepared to tackle Delphi Temple and Crypticone in Delphi Forest and Crooked Vein and Mara Cult Altar in Blackflame Peak!

  • Two new 5-player dungeons have been added!

    Parties will be put to the test in Crimson in Delphi Forest and Century in Blackflame Peak!

  • Territory Wars have begun!

    Have your guild stake a claim in in the world with our new Territory Wars system! For more information please read [GS]Bob’s guide here. To participate in Territory wars, one must be level 30 and a part of a guild. Be sure to visit Temple Knight Amos in Aven for more details!

    **We are aware that the Territory Wars schedule is not balanced for everyone, we are looking into this to make sure everyone is able to participate**

  • The Eternal Shop has been added!

    Earn points to purchase Item Mall-type items by just playing Eden Eternal! For more information on this please view [GS]Bob’s guide here.

    **Please be aware that the prices in the Eternal Shop are WRONG, please help us with your suggestions and feedback on Tactics’ forum post here.**

  • Crystal Altar Table has been updated!

    – Exclusive new Outfit Dye

    – Exclusive new Fortune Bags

    – Exclusive new Battle Pet

    – Corona’s Essence Lv55

    …and much much more!

  • More items have been added!

    Stay tuned for more details!

  • The Archives have been updated!

Bug Fixes

  • The issues with the Aven fame merchants have been fixed.
  • Various other localization issues have been addressed.

Current Known Issues

  • The profanity filter is currently having issues.

    Please remember to mind your language and play nice!

  • Agreement button from another publisher added to login screen.

    We’re not sure how that got there, but we’ll remove it in a future patch.

  • Regular skills for Thief and Blade Master classes are missing from the Skill List

    Fix delayed. We will try to get this fixed later, for now just play other classes Sad

Coming Soon!

Arena PVP

With the kick off of Territory Wars, the 3v3 Arena will be our next PVP addition. Stay tuned for more details!

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