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Su EE da ieri il cap level è stato portato al livello 60. In aggiunta a ciò hanno sbloccato la classe, il Templare; implementato lo housing (che è una misera stanzetta aggratis nella città di gilda o a pagamento molto salato ad Aven); più una serie di zone e dungeon e, in spraggiunta, un 50% in più all’esperienza del personaggio e della classe per una settimana (ma solo insereno un codice spedito da Aeria Games).

Ecco la patch note completa totale con totani:

Eden Eternal Patch Notes (10/11/11)

New Additions

  • The level cap has been increased to Level 60!

    With the new level cap comes a flood of new content!

  • The Templar class has been unlocked!

    The Defense class tree has been completed with the addition of the light wielding, holy knight! With a character level of 60 along with a level 55 Knight and Cleric will allow you transform into a noble peace keeper!

  • Four new areas have been unlocked!

    Explore and extend your Eternal Guardian adventures in Decay Swamp and Highlands on the Central Continent and Cyclone Basin and Viper’s Forest on the Southeastern Continent!

  • Two new 3-player dungeons have been added!

    Be prepared to tackle Soulmor Falls and Vortek in Decay Swamp!

  • Three new 5-player dungeons have been added!

    Parties will be put to the test in Federal Armory, Manor and Basal Border in Highlands!

  • Player Housing has been added!

    This new feature allows players to rent a house from one of the new Innkeeper NPCs found in Aven, Golden Plains and in Guild Towns (Forest [117 128] and Mountain Eden [142 122]). Players will be able to decorate their houses with various furniture and items they can purchase from the Innkeeper NPCs. Players will also be able to earn furniture and decorations through side quests, reward chests from Town Invasions and random mob drops.For more details, please check [GS]Dazzle’s guide here!

  • The Aven Pirate Invasion Event has been added!

    What originally started with our Eternal Boot Camp NPCs that were added in the last content patch, this new event will unify the Eternal Guardians of Aven as pirates invade the holy city. Announcements will go out when the event starts and various pirate mobs will appear in different locations in Aven. Once the pirates are eliminated, a pirate boss will appear and will the strength of all the players in Aven to prevent him from taking over the town. This event provides very nice rewards to the participants and the four players that deal the most damage to the final boss during the even with have statues of their character on display in town until the next invasion.For more information, please check [GS]Bob’s guide here!

  • The Partial Enchantments feature has been added!

    The new Partial Enchantment system allows players to take their equipment crafting to the next level. Players will be able to purchase various specialized basic enchants from a new merchant in Aven. Also players will now have the ability to purchase different types of ink from this new merchant to craft much stronger enchantment recipes that can be obtained from rewards for completing the Pirate Event NPC Veskal in Aven.

  • The Archives have been updated!
  • Crystal Altar Table has been updated!
  • Loyalty Shop has been updated!

    The Loyalty Shop has been updated with more items, and lower prices across the board!

  • More items have been added!

    Stay tuned for more details!

Bug Fixes

  • Issues with Player Shops have been resolved.
  • Crafting success rate text has been fixed.
  • The guild town statues have been fixed.
  • Various other localization issues have been addressed.

Current Known Issues

  • The blueprints for high level partial enchantments are currently not working.
  • The PvP rankings are missing.

We are working with the developers on resolving these issues as soon as possible.

Coming Soon!

New In-game Event

We have a nice little surprise coming very soon!

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