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Scusate il ritardo

Nel weekend sono stati aggiunti alcuni contenuti ad Eden Eternal:

1) Slice and Dice with the Samurai!
Ready to level a katana-wielding new DPS class? Welcome the powerful new Samurai to Eden Eternal! With powerful attacks and buffs, your enemies are up for a challenge!


2) Monster Arena!
Level 30+ and feel like getting…ugly? Queue up during scheduled times (ask NPC Kimoso in Aven) for Monster Arena! In this new 3v3 arena, players are turned into monsters with special moves & skills.

3) New and improved Territory War!
This time around, you’ll be up against multiple guilds, and working together with other guilds on your team. Choose you team wisely! Occupy the most crystals and contribute the most damage to win!


4) Tarot Card Reader Morlin!
Head on over to Aven (394, 469) and meet Morlin! Talk to him every four hours for a 10% CP boost to a random class tree! This boost lasts for four hours, so get out there and level!

Inoltre il professor Koss rimane (per ora?) tra di noi. Utilità per chi ha già fatto il 60? Meno di zero, alt a parte.

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