Domani e’ un altro giorno

ma il grande giorno e’ oggi:

As some of you already know, Codemasters Online Gaming announced the merging all of the current RF Online servers (Spirit, Fire, Earth, Water and Wind) into one RF Online super server! This new world known as Novus, will be born on January 24, 2007 and will go down in RF Online history as the day the worlds collided.

The servers will be going offline at 9am NST (GMT) for 12 hours to enable the live merge to take place, with a scheduled launch of Server Novus at 9pm NST (GMT)

This server merge will enable players to play the game as it should be played, with mass PvP and the most action-packed Chip Wars ever seen!

For more information on the server merge and frequently asked questions, please visit the dedicated information web page located here. Please also note our customer service announcement located here regarding guilds.

Prepare yourselves citizens. This momentous occasion is a key part of a series of events that will hurl RF Online into the future and towards Episode 2!

If you’ve got some more questions regarding the RF Online server merge, please visit the RF Online forums located here.

We’ll see you in Novus,

The RF Online Team

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