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E siamo al Book XIII

E le novita’ sono tante, e parecchio interessanti.
Innanzitutto una nuova zona, Forochel:

  • Over 100 new quests
  • Enhanced solo play
  • Extends the epic story
  • Vast, desolate landscape
  • New reputation faction: the Lossoth

    • The Lossoth of Forochel are by their nature distrustful of outsiders, but once you earn their trust, they will reward you greatly. Fortunately, there will be many opportunities to earn their trust, as the vast majority of quests in Forochel reward you with Lossoth reputation. As for the rewards you will receive from gaining their trust, there are such things as:

      • Unique Lossoth Light, Medium and Heavy armor sets. These sets give bonuses to Frost mitigation, along with other buffs.
      • Fur-lined Cloaks to ward off the cold.
      • Native cooking recipes that can help you weather the elements.
      • Class items that can be obtained nowhere else. Tundra bear cub for your Loremaster? A Lossoth Herald for your Captain? Oh yeah! Lossoth-themed decoration items for your home.
      • A Tundra horse or pony.

di cui ecco due immagini:

Poi, ovviamente, il nuovo libro, il tredicesimo, chiamato Doom of the Last-king che si sviluppera’ per undici quest e si avranno come NPC partecipanti Elrond e Aragorn.
Una nuova classe PvPM per il lato creep: Orc Defiler:

  • First Monster Play “Healing” Class
  • Additional Orc avatar with multiple appearances and a full host of skills

Aggiunta la funzione, in Social, per chi cerca Compagnia per una o piu’ specifiche quest:

  • Updated Quest Journal to display more context

    • Quest Arcs (quests in a linear progression)
    • Fellowship members on your quest/arc, and their relative status

  • Share Quest button

    • A shared quest can share the first quest in an arc to players who have not started it
    • A shared quest can also share the next step in an arc if the receiving player partially completed and then abandoned it.

  • Find a Fellowship button

    • Mark a quest as one that the player wants a fellowship to help complete
    • Show a filtered list of players who also want a fellowship for that quest

  • Mustering Horns

    • Horns at remote dungeons and encounter areas, to facilitate groups gathering
    • A player can summon other members of their fellowship

E finalmente, con l’introduzione degli hobby, si pesca, per la felicita’ di Lyly della Contea. E come direbbe Folly: Ayeppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Cambiata totalmente, al lago Evendim, la zona di Annuminas:

  • There are now chat broadcasts to all of Evendim when one of the 3 "control" points of Gwaelband, Clorhir or Tirband changes state.
  • There are now 3 banners in the camp of Echad Garthadir and Tinnudir that display the state of the 3 "control" points. These banners also explain what points need to be controlled to gain access to the instances of Glinghant, Haudh Valandil or Ost Elendil.
  • We’ve added a milestone to Echad Garthadir in Annúminas.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the Darkwaters called in by Nengon in Glinghant were not detecting players. In addition, we’ve stat reduced those Darkwaters from elite to signature status.
  • We have made several Annúminas side quests repeatable every day. As part of this change, we removed the quests XP rewards, but slightly increased their money rewards. There reputation, armor piece and consumable rewards have also been modified, with the boss kill quests giving out more rewards, while the others have had their rewards decreased slightly. The affected quests are:

  • Landscape Quests

    • Drowning at the Docks End
    • Agarochir, Keeper of Tirband
    • Fighting in the Streets
    • Time of Need

  • Ost Elendil – The Palace of Annúminas

    • Balhest, Lord of Ost Elendil
    • The Door-warden of the Inner Chamber
    • Evil in Ost Elendil

  • Haudh Valandil – The Tombs of Annúminas

    • Dolvaethor’s Menace
    • New Home for the Relics of Old
    • The Kergrim Stalk Haudh Valandil

  • Glinghant – The Gardens of Annúminas

    • Glinghant Corrupted
    • Impure Waters
    • Keep It from the Enemy

  • We have modified how the three control camps in Annúminas work. These camps are Gwaelband, Clorhir and Tirband. Instead of these camps flipping back to Invader control when all of the Warden guards are killed, they will remain in Warden control if the guards are killed until the original Invader boss returns to try and reclaim the camp. If all the guards are killed during this invasion, the camp will then flip back to Invader control. This change will mean that the 3 control camps will remain in Warden control for a much longer time.
  • Control of Gwaelband in Annúminas will now clear the bridge of Ariant – the bridge that leads to the Palace and Tombs instances – of Invader spawns. This should make getting to those instances easier.
  • When the 3 control camps in Annúminas are in Warden control, the bosses of those camps will spawn on landscape nearby. This will be especially helpful if you are trying to complete the "Agarochir, Keeper of Tirband" quest.
  • The token rewards from the boss quests has increased, while the consumable and token rewards from the other quests has gone down slightly. Completing all the quests will give less rewards then before, but now that they are repeatable, the token acquisition rate will be much higher.
  • There is now a new Annúminas token vendor. Glanlin has set up shop and has potions, food and recipe scroll cases for sale.

Il lato oscuro della… ovvero il Pessimo Falconi del tutto e’ che buona parte della mappa risulta da scoprire. E non solo Annuminas
Molti cambiamenti a tutte le classi, al crafting, ai drop e tante (troppe?) novita’ in una volta sola (che si possono leggere qui).
Devo ammettere che Turbine e CodeMasters hanno fatto un eccellente lavoro. Le uniche note negative sono, a mio avviso:
1) il "problema" della mappa del lago Evendim
2) ennesime reputazioni (ovviamente a Forochel e negli hobby)
3) rewamp dei deed (in pratica sara’ un farming continuo e assurdo di mob per portare avanti quelli che servono alle singole classi).

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