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Le vecchie novità Eterne

Su EE, settimana scorsa, sono state apportate un bel po’ di novità: dalle quest giornaliere (una volta al giorno) ai dungeons trial di livello 60.
Ecco l’elenco completo delle succose novità:

1) Happy holidays from Eden Eternal! Enjoy new daily quests, special limited edition holiday items, and fight a familiar face for the chance to win prizes!

2) Feeling mighty? Gear up and prepare for the fight of your pixelated life with THREE new level 60 Heroic Trials! Welcome the challenge with Morticora, Century, and yes, our good friend Crimson!

3) Need to upgrade weapons? Complete quests from Trial Officers to collect Hero Medals! Collect enough, and turn them in for blueprints to craft elite Golden weapons!

4) What’s that? You miss a certain teacher? Professor Koss? Well, good news folks! His ship has finally arrived, and he’s joined us once again in Aven! We hear he’s enjoying the holiday, so find him and get your free EXP and CP buffs from him


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